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 Accessories by Altair Instruments 

 DermaSpa Distributors also sells accessories needed for DiamondTome and NewApeel   Microdermabrasion systems. DiamondTome wands will typically last 3-5 years before having   to replace them for optimal results.  A HEPA Filter needs to be replaced after 250-300   treatments.  If your tubing is not clear and is starting to darken in color, this needs to be   replaced as well.  

 DiamondTome® Wands:

  • DN75 Fine, DN100 Medium, DN125 Coarse, DN175 X-Coarse

  • DC20 Contoured Face/Body - Fine, Medium and Coarse

  • DC30 Contoured Body - Fine, Medium and Coarse 

DiamonTome Wands
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Supplies for DiamondTome, NewApeel and NewApeel Exfoliation Systems:
  • Single Use filter discs - 50/bag

  • Tube Set with 1Round Brush and 1 Bag Filters

  • Wand Stand with Clear Cover

  • HEPA Filter

  • Enzymatic Solution Refill

  • Lucas-Cide Disinfectant Refill

  • Brochures for HydroPlus Treatment (100)​

  • Brochures without HydroPlus Treatment (100)

  • ​Tweezer

  • Brush-Small Round in Tube Set

  • Brass Brush

  • Table Top Poster

  • Med & Aesthetic Training DVD

  • Waiting Room DVD

  • Power Cord

  • Tray

  • Muffler for NewApeel Petite

  • Hydro Tube Set

  • Hydro Collection Canister

  • Single Use Application Pads (12mm and 19mm)

  • Hydro Collection Canister Stand

  • 12mm Smooth, Fine and Medium Tip HydroWands

  • 19mm Smooth, Fine and Medium Tip HydroWands

  • 100 ml Power Hydration Serum (Back Bar size)

  • 30 ml Vitamin C 

  • 30ml Brightening 

  • 30ml Power Hydration

  • 30ml Blem Fighter

  • 1-4 Pack 30ml Vitamin C, Brightening, Power Hydration and Blem Fighter

HydroWands and HydroSerums
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