DermaSpa Distributors prides itself in the distribution of high-quality professional-grade DiamondTome® Microdermabrasion Systems and HydroWand Infusion. 

We also distribute PHOTOZYME professional-grade skincare products that utilize natural DNA repair enzymes to generate proven clinical results.


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The DiamondTome Wands® are bonded with genuine diamonds, not synthetic diamonds like other "knock off" microdermabrasion systems.


The HydroWand Infusion is a great addition to your existing microdermabrasion system(s) by Altair Instruments.



HydroPlus+ Treatment for the Face & Body!
DiamondTome Exfoliation +
HydroWand + Serum Infusion 

After a thorough exfoliation with the DiamondTome Exfoliation System follow with the HydroWand Infusion using our very effective and cost effective HydroSerums.

Beautiful and Radient Skin!