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Derma Spa Distributors prides itself in the distribution of high quality professional grade non-invasive skin care equipment and products.


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Authorized Distributor for quality professional grade skin care equipment and products.

DermaSpa is an authorized distributor for Altair Instruments, manufacturer of the original patented“crystal free" DiamondTome® Microdermabrasion Systems.  We offer the Dual Port DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, NewApeel Exfoliation System, NewApeel Petite and the HydroWand Infusion Rejuvenation Tool.  

Altair holds the original patent for “particle free” microdermabrasion technology using the DiamondTome® wands and proudly manufacturers all their systems and wands in Ventura, California. 


Photozyme DNA Liposome Technology™ Skin Care Products: Jumpstart the body's own recovery process of repairing DNA damaged skin cells to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help even skin tone and texture.

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DermaSpa Distributors is located in Los Angeles, California and distributes professional grade skin care products in the United States and Canada.  


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