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DT2 Skin Resurfacing System

The Next Generation DiamondTome®

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Altair Instruments, creator of the original DiamondTome® and NewApeel® 

“crystal-free” microdermabrasion systems, is proud to introduce the dual port DiamondTome 2 (DT2), the next generation “crystal-free”

Skin Resurfacing System.


The DT2 uses the originally patented DiamondTome® Wands and Hydro Wand® to reduce the effects of aging on your skin in a safe,

non-invasive, pain free approach to superior skin care results.

With the help of Altair’s specialized patented wands and the new DT2 Skin Resurfacing System, skin care experts can easily glide over every curve of the face as dead cells are removed, allowing the skin to breathe!


Advantages of Using the DT2 Skin Resurfacing System

Just take a look at these advantages and think of the effects it can have on the services you provide.

▸ Dual Ports

For easy and effective application

One port offers dry exfoliation using the original patented DiamondTome® wands and the second port offers serum infusion using the HydroWand applicator. You can use the HydroSerums or you can use whatever you prefer; using our HydroSerums cost per face treatment is approximately $6.00. Choosing whether you will do a dry exfoliation and a hydration of serums just got easier!

▸ Digital, Easy to Read Screen 

For precise vacuum pressure

The digital screen on the DT2 makes it easier for you to read the meter with accuracy. You can vary the amount of pressure for various dermatological treatments with a more trustworthy way of monitoring it.

▸ Lighter, More Portable, and Compact 

With handles to lift

This system is not just light-weight, but with the nice addition of easy-to-reach handles, you can move it just about anywhere quite easily.

▸ Built-In Wand Holder

For easy access and a better way to get organized

Now, you don’t have to worry about the wands getting lost in your closet. Get more organized with the built-in wand holder which allows you to keep your DiamondTome wands and HydroWands at a proper place.

▸ Cost-Effective

When purchasing equipment for your business, you always want to make sure your money goes a long way by trying to buy the highest quality products. Sometimes it’s not always possible, but with Altair Instruments, you always know what you’re going to get. Altair prides itself in their ability to manufacture products that are

made to last!

▸ Crystal-Free

The crystal-free technology provides a new way to perform a clean and effective microdermabrasion without the mess, while still being able to get through the hard surface of the outermost layer of the skin. With an effortless and more effective process, getting smoother, younger-looking skin just got easier!

DT2 Skin Resurfacing System Includes:

  • 6 DiamondTome® Wands

  • 1 DN75 DiamondTome® Round Tip Fine

  • 2 DN100 DiamondTome® Round Tip Medium

  • 1 DN125 DiamondTome® Round Tip Coarse

  • 1 DN175 DiamondTome ® Round Tip X-Coarse

  • 1 DC30 – 100 DiamondTome® Contoured Body Wand Medium

  • 4 Tube Sets with 50 Single Use Filter Discs and Brush

  • 1 Combo HEPA Filter

  • 2 Hydro Wands

  • 1 HYAR75 Fine Tip 12mm

  • 1 Information and Training CD

  • 1 Waiting Room DVD

  • 1 Hospital Grade Power Cord

  • 1 HYA00 Smooth Tip 12 mm

  • 2 Flexible Hydro Tubing Sets

  • 2 Hydro Collection Canisters

  • 1 HydroSerum 4 Pack: 30 ml size of Acne, Deep Hydration, EvenTone and Vitamin C

  • 1 Endozime Plus Cleaning Solution

  • 100 HydroPlus Client Brochures 100 pack

  • 1 Table Top Poster

  • 1 Brass brush – Autoclavable

  • 1 Tweezers

Console Warranty - 3 years

DiamondTome™ Wand Warranty – 2 years

Size: 15.75” x 13” x 8.25”
Weight: 28 lbs

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