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Tailored to all skin types

HydroSerums and HydroWand

After a thorough exfoliation with a DiamondTome Exfoliation System, you can create a lasting impression on your facials by using the HydroWand® to deliver serums of choice or using the HydroSerums™.

The HydroSerums are not only effective, but cost effective as well.  Only $3.00 per treatment to use.

HydroSerum's active ingredients.

Blem Fighter

The Blem Fighter significantly helps to reduce acne before it starts!

It contains a combination of 6% Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), 2% salicylic acid and Niacinamide. AHA’s act as an exfoliant on the top layer of skin, stimulating growth and thickening of the skin.


Salicylic acid is clinically proven to clean out sebaceous pores by solubilizing oil and dirt. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. 


Niacinamide reduces sebum production and reduces pore size. This combination acts double duty to reverse the signs of aging.

Power Hydration

This new and improved hydration serum uses Palmitoyl Tripeptide – 38, ceramics, and sodium PCA to lock in moisture.


Peptides stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis from skin fibroblasts thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Ceramics facilitates natural structural lipids located between dermal cells that in turn deeply moisturizes and protects skin by restoring a natural barrier to damage.


The sodium PCA is a naturally occurring humectant, which binds water and provides deep moisturizing to penetrate inner skin layers.


Want a more even, less blotchy skin tone? Here’s a great combo with powerful ingredients of Arbutus and Kojic Acid, with TyrostatTM and Melanosatine®5.


The amalgamation of these four ingredients gives your skin a brighter, more even and translucent appearance.


As an added bonus to the ample amounts of these powerful brighteners, the addition of L-Carniture provides the exact balance of brightening and energy production to the skin.

Vitamin C3 

This amazing solution of 10% ascorbic acid, Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate packs a triple punch to increase collagen, reduce melanin production and repair the effects of UV exposure and other environmental damage.


Used daily, Vitamin C3 can reduce fine lines and make skin more radiant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the serums on all skin types?
Yes, these perfectly formulated serums are active with sensitive, normal, oily, dry and acne skin.


Can I use the HydroSerums™ by themselves?
Yes. The HydroSerums’ premium quality ingredients and precision compounding make it perfect for daily use. It is most effective after a crystal-free DiamondTome wand microdermabrasion and Hydro Wand® infusion.


Can I use more that one serum at a time?
Yes, for example a first treatment with a Vitamin C HydroSerum followed by the Power Hydration serum can be an active anti-aging signature treatment.


How long can I use my serums?
The Altair HydroSerums™ can be used up to 6 months after opening. It is recommended that the Brightening+ and the Vitamin C HydroSerums™ be refrigerated after each use.


Can I use the HydroSerum™ in other systems?
The HydroSerums™ have been designed and flawlessly formulated to be used in the Hydro Wand®. Any other system will not have the same thorough performance testing to ensure maximum satisfaction.


How often can I use the serums?
The HydroSerums™ are gentle, yet effective and can be used twice a day. Check with your skin care specialist to determine the most effective treatment regiment.

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